A breast lift raises the breasts to a more youthful position by removing excess skin and reshaping the breast tissue to create and support a new breast contour. It is also known as a mastopexy. 


A breast lift reduces sagging and raises the position of the nipples and areolae. The areola size may also be reduced to match the proportion of the newly-shaped breasts. A breast lift does not significantly alter the breast size. However, it may be combined with breast augmentation.

Patients who are candidates for a breast lift are those who -

  1. Are physically healthy and maintain a stable weight

  2. Do not smoke

  3. Have breasts that sag, have lost shape or volume, or are flatter

  4. Have nipples that fall below the breast crease, when unsupported, or point downwards

  5. Do not want a significant change in breast size

A breast lift is not suited for everyone. If you are planning pregnancy, it would be better to delay the breast lift until after, as the pregnancy could result in stretching of your breasts resulting in distortion of the lift. Breastfeeding is still usually possible but in some cases there may be difficulty.

In general, women with larger breasts might require a repeat breast-lift, as the weight of their breasts causes them to sag again.


A breast lift or mastopexy, is performed under general anaesthesia and usually requires an overnight stay in hospital. The procedure will take about two to three hours, sometimes longer. Dr Sofianos meticulously marks the proposed operation pre-operatively. Techniques used to remove breast skin and reshape breast tissue vary and Dr Sofianos will discuss the options with you preoperatively and help you pick the right procedure. The incisions include a cut around your areola then down onto the breast in the form of a keyhole, and most time extending in the fold beneath the breast (inframammary fold). Dr Sofianos places stitches deep within the breast tissue to reshape it. He then removes excess skin and and repositions the nipples to an aesthetically-pleasing position. Drainage tubes may be inserted in each breast and they are wrapped in a special gauze. A post-operative surgical bra (without an underwire) is necessary.

Dr Sofianos will aim to acquire symmetry between the left and right breast, but variations might occur. 


Patients require at least one week off from work after the procedure. Some individuals require two weeks, but each situation varies. Dr Sofianos will instruct you on postoperative care, follow-ups and time off. During the recovery there should be no strenuous physical activity or lifting (including sport) for 4-6 weeks after surgery.

Breast pain is normal, and pain medication will be prescribed by Dr Sofianos.

Over time, swelling will resolve and incision lines will begin to fade.




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